Chaplains impact people where they

spend more than half of their waking lives.

Workforce Chaplaincy is making a positive difference in innovative companies based in the Central Valley of California since 2005.  Today's workforce must deal with a variety of personal and family issues and challenges within the context of a high-paced and competitive culture.  Many employees cannot afford the high hourly rates of licensed marriage family therapists and psychologists (or because insurance plans offer no coverage or a high deductible limit for mental health services), and as a result, many personal problems go unaddressed until they develop into something more serious.  Companies often bear the cost of personal problems through: loss of time, turnover, negativity, and lost productivity by hurting and/or distracted employees.  Corporate chaplains are an early intervention system within an organization.  They are often perceiving and responding to employee issues and providing direct help or free or reduced referral services in a timely manner.

Our corporate chaplains are a vital component within a company's overall employee wellness program.  Chaplains make regular weekly visits, or "rounds," at each company location.  During this time employees have an opportunity to confidentially share needs or concerns with their chaplain.  Employees also contact their chaplain at any time via text message, email or phone, and may setup offsite visits over a meal or counseling appointments in an office setting.

What are the greatest employee needs with which chaplains assist ?

*Marriage and family, premarital counseling & marriage officiation, separation, divorce, child custody, parenting wayward teens, and special needs children

*Drug and alcohol addiction

*Financial stresses (chaplains offer financial coaching and referrals)

*Assisting managers and employees with conflict management strategies

*Career coaching

*Short and long-term illness support, especially during a workplace injury or disability leave

*Grief/bereavement support (chaplains officiate employee family funerals)

*Spiritual guidance