Workforce Chaplaincy brings exceptional pastoral counseling, care, and crisis care services to your employees and so advances your company’s mission.   

Our chaplains are highly effective listeners, counselors, and coaches who serve as one of the most important human capital assets in the workplace setting.  Owners, directors, managers and employees utilize our chaplains for the life-empowerment they receive during weekly visits. Employees regularly share that their chaplain is one of the best benefits they receive from their company.

Dr. Paul Gendron

A chaplain visit to L.E. Cooke Tree Nursery in Visalia, CA

A chaplain visit to L.E. Cooke Tree Nursery in Visalia, CA


Chaplains have confidential discussions for problem issues of employees and their immediate family members, including, but not limited to, finances, marriage, divorce and remarriage, serious illness, care of aging parents, death and grief recovery, parenting, as well as any other personal issues.

What is pastoral counseling?

Pastoral counseling is a mode of clinical mental health care that integrates the knowledge of psychology and the behavioral sciences with the wisdom of spirituality, religion, and theology. The foci of pastoral counseling include the alleviation of symptoms, fostering increased coping, assisting with positive behavioral changes, promoting spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical well-being, improving relationships with self, God and others.

Chaplain Dr. Paul Gendron officiates employees' weddings each year.

Where Chaplains Go

Chaplains visit employees or immediate family members wherever care can be expressed and help given: at work, hospitals, funeral homes, family homes or other neutral sites. Our chaplains are also pastoral counselors who provide personal and family counseling in an office setting.  Each year corporate chaplains provide premarital counseling and officiate weddings for employees, which is a phenomenal benefit provided by the employer.