Job Posting

Date Posted: Monday, November 13, 2017

Job Title: Workplace Chaplain, Bilingual Spanish/English

Shift Type: Per Diem, Part-Time

Hourly Rate: $22-25/hour (approx. 8-10 hours a week)

* Hours contribute toward CPE unit requirements, for students enrolled in CPE

Responsibilities: Provides pastoral care, confidential listening and counseling that meets the spiritual and emotional needs of Hispanic foreign nationals participating in the H-2A guest worker program in the field of agriculture.  Provides a ministry of presence to employees (in individual and group settings) before and after working hours at the hotels and other housing locations where employees live, as well as being available via phone for off-hours needs. Chaplains foster increased coping, assisting with positive behavioral changes, promoting spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical well-being, improving relationships with self, God and others.  Makes assessments of the employees’ spiritual needs and/or concerns.  Makes referrals to our contacts with community religious leaders on behalf of the employee, to meet their specific needs. Respects and supports the spirituality of employees without attempting to proselytize.

Locations available for application:

1)   Salinas Valley, CA

2)   Santa Maria, CA

3)   Oxnard, CA

4)   Imperial Valley, CA & Yuma Arizona (combined) 



Education Background

  • Bachelor's degree in Divinity or Theology.
  • PREFERRED: 1-4 units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) (i.e through the Association for Clinical Pastoral Eduction (ACPE)
  • PREFERRED: Master's degree in Divinity or Theology. 

Licensure, Registration, Certification

  • Valid California Drivers' License and clean driving record.

Work Experience

  • Two to three years of ministry experience providing spiritual care. Denominational ordination in good standing.
  • PREFERRED: Two to three years of ministry experience in a hospital or church setting.
  • PREFERRED: Bilingual Spanish speaking.


Please submit:  1) Resume 2) any CPE units 3) a cover letter to